HANDS ON • Sony's A7 Mark II

Here we go...one Full Frame Mirrorless Camera, one month, and one awesome adventure! 

Going back to where I belong, the beach! Where I'm most peaceful and where I just love to shoot! 
Sure if you've had a camera bag full of sand I'd imagine I've already brought you back from rough memories, so I'll partially apologise about that, and swiftly move on...
Back in December I picked up the A7 Mark II which if you didn't get from the name is Sony's second rendition of this camera. Along with it's Brother and Sister (A7RII + A7SII).
The A7 Mark II however is a massive upgrade from it's predecessor with added features like 5 Axis in Body Stabilization & a Hybrid Auto-Focus System.

Not to say the Mark 1 isn't more than good enough for most applications the Mark II is just that well rounded team player. And priced at only £1349.00 (As of 14/1/17 Cambrian Photography)
it's certainly a lot of bang for your buck!

Stay tuned for my full review on this camera coming soon...